Robbie Lindquist


Robert, or “Robbie” as he’s known by, has been helping youth and families for a couple of decades.

What sets him apart from is his experience and licensure. He is a clinically licensed horse expert. This expertise includes LCSW licensure, NOJOS certification, EAGALA certification, and OK Corral Certification. Robbie has over twenty years of experience doing therapy using horses. He has expertise working with youth with Asperger’s syndrome, oppositional defiant youth, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, and others. He also has experience in family and individual therapy, couples and working with groups.

Some of the skills that are worked on during sessions with horses may include coping mechanisms for anxiety and trauma, depression, learning how to communicate, assertiveness, and others.

Robbie loves his family, and the great outdoors.