Athletics at West Ridge Academy

Go Fighting Eagles!

Started in 1990, the West Ridge Academy varsity sports program continues to have a focused objective that is a little different from most high school sports programs across the country. We recognize and embrace the uniqueness of each student that is coached. These students come from varied paths of challenge and adversity. The primary focus of West Ridge Academy and its varsity sports program is to help young people experience a change of heart. We believe that teens in crisis deserve loving and supportive environments, and our high school sports program provides every opportunity for success.

The varsity sports program works to support our overall mission in the following ways:

  • Creating an opportunity to give the student-athlete a chance to compete in varsity athletics at the high school level, maybe where he or she did not have the opportunity before they came to the Academy.
  • Giving the student the opportunity to build self-esteem and self-worth while working in a team concept.
  • Applying the varsity sport team concepts to life as a successful family on the playing field and likening the successes on the playing field to their own family situations.
  • Teaching the specific sport to the teams so the team can be competitive in their respective sporting events in the 1A high school classification.

The success of our varsity sports program isn’t measured by wins or losses, but measured by the overall experience of team participation. This includes practices, games, matches, traveling with teammates, working with coaches, elevating their scholastic performances to be eligible to participate, and having their families come to watch and support them.

The positive effects on the participants of the game as well as the entire student body at West Ridge Academy is always filled with high level of energy and enthusiasm. Our athletes are positive examples and set a precedent for the rest of the student body by showing that working hard for a common goal is worth the end result. Many of our athletes have gone forward and been successful in their own lives as a result of their overall experience at West Ridge Academy. Many have gone on to collegiate academics and sports and have had successful careers.

Our teams participate at the 1A classification under the Utah High School Activities Association. Class 1A is the smallest classification in Utah but has the most schools.

The varsity sports program includes:

Men’s Athletics

Women’s Athletics

Athletics at West Ridge Academy